Cats Instead of Dogs as Pets

When I was growing up we always had two cats and a dog around the house. As much as I enjoyed the three pets, my preference was always with the cats instead of the dog.

The cats seemed more aloof and independent, getting along with their own lives, and expressing their affection by curling up on my lap to watch TV.

The dog although very obedient seemed to require more personal attention which was returned by his ‘doggie’ devotion, but the cats adopted a more ‘take it or leave it’ attitude, which I liked.

If you take a kitten, and train it correctly it will grow to take care of itself. Unlike dogs which require bathing and grooming, cats take care of themselves apart from the occasional claw trimming.

Yahoo Mail Instead of Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an intrinsic part of the Microsoft system. It is a facility which enables users to receive and send e-mail, record such activities and manage your schedules.

Some computer users may like to change to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), like Yahoo to receive and send their mail. This can easily be achieved by changing to Yahoo mail instead of Outlook express.

But how can this be done without losing the list of e-mail contacts and addresses already stored in Outlook express? The method is described below.

-          Log on to your Yahoo e-mail account as usual, using Outlook express.

-          Go to ‘ Options’ at the top of the page, and click

All water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen in a ratio of two hydrogen molecules to one of oxygen, hence the well known formula H2O.

The question over whether to use distilled water instead of well and spring water is very much associated with the source of the water, and if it is bottled or otherwise.

Bottled water gets its supply from a well or a spring, and is usually labeled with the source. Mineral waters have to contain traces of the naturally occurring minerals before it can be sold. Distilled or purified water must be filtered by mechanical processes to remove possible contaminants and minerals.

A Wok Instead of a Frying Pan

Similar to all cast iron cooking pots, a wok is a traditional pot often used for Chinese cooking instead of a frying pan. The wok has a rounded bottom, and because of its distinct shape can be used as an all round utility pot for preparing many types of dishes.

Woks are traditionally made from cast iron, usually about 3mm thick. They have a natural non-stick surface which eliminates the need for cooking oil, so they can be used for preparing healthy meals such as stir fry vegetables and rice.

Frying pans are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum, which cannot withstand the high temperatures which the wok can withstand. Frying pans are useful for shallow frying only, whereas the wok due to its rounded bottom shape, enables deep frying dishes to be cooked like deep fried chicken or prawns.

Using Loose Tea Instead of Tea Bags

If you are using tea bags from your local grocery store you are missing out on a good cup of tea. However, if you insist on using tea bags there are some excellent bagged teas if you shop around.  But brewing tea from loose tea, instead of tea bags, produces a superior beverage.

The size of the tea leaves is vital for good tea. The leaves contain various oils and chemicals which enrich the flavor of loose tea. This does not happen in tea bags since they are filled with tiny broken pieces of tea leaf, often called ‘fannings’. Loose teas contain either whole leaves or large pieces of leaf.

Keyboard Instead of Mouse

It may come as a surprise to most computer users, especially those accustomed to giving commands to the computer by using the mouse. That once the correct keyboard commands are learned, it is much quicker to use the keyboard instead of the mouse.

Instructions for Using the Keyboard Instead of the Mouse.

a). The first thing to do is use the computer to obtain a complete list of keyboard commands. Just go to one of the search engines and search for ‘keyboard commands’.

b). Most software’s show the actual keyboard command adjacent to the menu command. with the keyboard command often appearing to the right of the menu command. A good example is the ‘Save’ command will show ‘Ctrl + S’ to the right. This is the keyboard command in the Microsoft Office program.

Annulment Instead of Divorce

If you are seeking to get an annulment instead of a divorce, there are a few things of which you should be aware. First of all getting an annulment in the civil sense is much like getting a divorce.

Differing states and different countries all have different laws relating to divorce and annulment, but basically the main feature between the two is paperwork. Annulment makes a different statement than the one required by divorce. Divorces finish a marriage, but an annulment states that the marriage never happened.

Annulments may be preferable if a marriage has taken place between minors without the consent of their parents, or maybe for some reason the marriage has been unconsummated, perhaps due the unwillingness or incapacity of either party.

Ubuntu Instead of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is well established as the operating system (OS) of choice for the majority of computer users. Recently there has been some competition from Ubuntu, but why do people want to change to this operating system? What are the reasons for using the Ubuntu operating system instead of Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft seems to have a near monopoly on the OS market, and certainly it is an amazing program ( remember the Windows 98!). But many people are now noticing that Windows does not change very much.

For sure there are regular updates to the XP program, but later versions of the Windows program like Vista and Windows 7 were not entirely without their ‘teething problems’

Meditation Instead of Sleep

Natural sleep is vital to the functioning of our bodies. Meditation can often help in helping a person fall asleep, or can be used instead of sleep to gain a little respite in our daily lives. However total meditation cannot replace total sleep, everybody requires sleep.

Meditation can relax the mind and the body parts, and is often practiced by people who have difficulty in falling asleep. It is also extremely useful as a method of ‘switching off’ for short periods in the day time instead of sleep

Meditation is a far better method of inducing sleep than taking sleeping pills, and if it is decided that meditation will be used instead of medication, then you have to learn which technique is most suitable for your body.

First Class Instead of Economy Class Air Travel

Why do some people choose to travel first class instead economy class when traveling by air? The destination is reached in the same time, regardless of which mode is chosen.

Some travelers place more importance on the economics of the journey, whilst others prefer to travel in comfort.

Differing airlines offer various classes of travel on both International and Domestic flights, and there are a number of reasons why many people choose to spend large amounts of money on first class tickets, when they could have saved money by traveling economy class instead. Some of the reasons are as follows.

-          Greater comfort.

-          Luxurious seating with increased leg space.

-          Superior food and beverage service.

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