Ubuntu Instead of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is well established as the operating system (OS) of choice for the majority of computer users. Recently there has been some competition from Ubuntu, but why do people want to change to this operating system? What are the reasons for using the Ubuntu operating system instead of Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft seems to have a near monopoly on the OS market, and certainly it is an amazing program ( remember the Windows 98!). But many people are now noticing that Windows does not change very much.

For sure there are regular updates to the XP program, but later versions of the Windows program like Vista and Windows 7 were not entirely without their ‘teething problems’

Meditation Instead of Sleep

Natural sleep is vital to the functioning of our bodies. Meditation can often help in helping a person fall asleep, or can be used instead of sleep to gain a little respite in our daily lives. However total meditation cannot replace total sleep, everybody requires sleep.

Meditation can relax the mind and the body parts, and is often practiced by people who have difficulty in falling asleep. It is also extremely useful as a method of ‘switching off’ for short periods in the day time instead of sleep

Meditation is a far better method of inducing sleep than taking sleeping pills, and if it is decided that meditation will be used instead of medication, then you have to learn which technique is most suitable for your body.

First Class Instead of Economy Class Air Travel

Why do some people choose to travel first class instead economy class when traveling by air? The destination is reached in the same time, regardless of which mode is chosen.

Some travelers place more importance on the economics of the journey, whilst others prefer to travel in comfort.

Differing airlines offer various classes of travel on both International and Domestic flights, and there are a number of reasons why many people choose to spend large amounts of money on first class tickets, when they could have saved money by traveling economy class instead. Some of the reasons are as follows.

-          Greater comfort.

-          Luxurious seating with increased leg space.

-          Superior food and beverage service.

Using “An” Instead of “A”

In general terms we have been taught, that when writing or speaking correctly, the rule for when to use ‘An’ instead of ‘A’ is. That when the next word begins with a vowel, then ‘An’ is always used. For example, ‘an apple’, or ‘an egg’.

There are exceptions to this rule. You would say ‘a ukelele’ , rather than ‘an ukelele’, or ‘a Ukranian’ rather than ‘an Ukranian’. But conversely you would refer to ‘an umbrella’ instead of ‘a umbrella’.

The actual difference lies in just how the phrase sounds and not the letter beginning the word. If the word sounds like a consonant, then paying close attention to the sound can help in deciding whether to us ‘an’ instead of ‘a’.

Taking a Bath Instead of a Shower

Many people prefer to take a bath instead of a shower because they simply enjoy having a quiet time where they can soak, and focus on their inner thoughts.

Bathers can feel more relaxed sitting in the bath tub, and many make an occasion out of the event by soaking in bubbles, playing music or even reading a book

Some people find that the bath is more refreshing than being in the shower. They can sit in the bath tub for long periods, whilst the shower is usually a quick ‘in and out’, and entails standing. People often feel in a more peaceful state of mind after having had a bath.

Sauna Instead of Steam Room

People often use heat treatment to relax and ease muscle tension. Some people prefer to use a sauna instead of a steam bath, probably due to the differing ways the heat is generated, but it is very much a personal preference.

Typically a sauna is a wood paneled room, and a source of dry heat is provided from hot rocks. Water is poured onto the hot rocks creating a small amount of steam. The heat of a sauna is generally between 140º – 200º F.

In the steam room a very high degree of humidity is maintained by pumping steam into the room. The rooms are very moist with vapor temperatures varying between 110º – 120º F.

Brown Rice Instead of White Rice

The question is often asked, is it better to eat brown rice instead of white rice?

Brown rice is considered to be whole grain rice. It is exactly the same as white rice but has not had the brown colored bran removed (bran is the husk of any cereal grain often removed in the milling process).

Most people prefer white rice since it cooks quicker than the brown variety, and has a fluffier appearance. However brown rice has not had the bran removed and therefore has much more fiber content than white rice.

One cupful of white rice contains less than 1 gram of fiber, whilst 3 ½ grams are contained in the same amount of brown rice. So in this context brown rice is better, since the body needs between 25-38 grams of fiber in the diet each day.

Public Instead of Private Health Care

Recently Canada spent an estimated $4,411 per head of the population on health care, or almost $142 billion in the one year. This was split between $43.2 spent on private health care, and $98.8 spent by the governments on public heath care.

Why use public health instead of private health, or vice-versa? Are there any advantages or differences (apart from expense), between the two?

Public Health Care.

Public health in Canada is governed by the Canada Health Act, and specific health care can vary from state to state. It is designed to ensure that all Canadians have access to  insured health services without any direct charge at the place of treatment.

Condoms Instead of Natural Birth Control

Unless a couple is deliberately planning to have a baby, and wish to continue with a satisfactory sexual relationship, then some form of birth control is necessary.

Most methods of birth control place the emphasis on female biology, but it is essential that both the man and the woman are aware of the methods available to them. Apart from the insertion of a diaphragm into the vagina of the female, or the use of a female condom, she could adopt the method of natural birth control,

The male may suggest that they try using male condoms instead of natural birth control.


-          Lubricate the condom.

Using Diesel Instead of Gasoline

Both diesel and gasoline (petrol) have their same origin. They are both derived from fossil fuels known as crude oil. Usually additives like ethanol (ethyl alcohol) are used in both types of fuel to make them suitable for modern engines.

The question is often asked   ‘are diesel and gasoline interchangeable, can diesel be used instead of gasoline in the same engine’. The answer is no. they are not the same kinds of fuel.


-          Gasoline is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, usually having between 4 – 12 carbon atoms per molecule.

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