Menstrual spotting instead of periods is quite a common event, and if experienced, should not be a cause of great worry. It happens to most ladies at some time, although it seems to affect some ladies to a greater degree, than others.

However, all ladies should be aware that menstrual spotting can be an indication of something untoward and it should not be ignored. It is therefore sensible for any lady to be aware of the possible reasons for spotting.

First of all there are two major causes which can be readily be ruled out as being the cause of spotting.

Pregnancy. It is possible that you are pregnant. If you have been sexually active, and it is the time for your regular period, but instead, you are only experiencing light spotting, then you may be pregnant.

Although most ladies do not get their period on becoming pregnant, some ladies to experience light menstrual spotting, and being pregnant can be the cause of the spotting. It is better to visit your doctor to have a pregnancy test carried out to

Birth Control Pills. Menstrual spotting can occur if you are taking a birth control pill. The ‘pill’ causes hormonal changes in the body which often manifest as menstrual spotting.

Some ladies can experience spotting during the first months following starting on the birth control pill. Whereas others may have spotting throughout the time they continue to take the pill. If the pill is taken irregularly, then natural body rhythms may become upset, which can also lead to spotting.

Most ladies will find that either pregnancy or the use of the birth control pill is the cause of their spotting. But obviously if you are not pregnant or not using the pill, then other causes must be searched out. Some other causes are as follows. –

-          Hormone Imbalance. Apart from the use of the birth pill, there are other causes of hormone imbalance. If spotting does occur then it is best to visit a doctor and have a hormone balance test carried out. The imbalance may be associated with your diet

-  Infection. Any infection in the body areas which relate to menstruation like the vagina, cervix, and possibly the bladder can be the cause of menstrual spotting. Small polyps growing in the cervical canal can lead to spotting also.

Consult your doctor and have your body checked for any kind of infection. The doctor may prescribe some form of antibiotic treatment.

– Dysplasia. This is a more serious condition in which tissue cells mature abnormally.   It can be present in the cervical canal and can show as menstrual spotting. Ladies should be made very aware of this condition since it can be an early warning sign of cervical cancer.

There are many things which can lead to spotting instead of a period. Some ladies show spotting mid way between menstrual cycles as part of their ovulation cycle. If you are worried about spotting, then a basic examination by your doctor can reveal the probable cause, and the necessary treatment recommended.

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